Wheelie Bin Tow Hitch

Auckland, Rotorua and Nelson regional councils have recently changed the recycling bins, they now use large wheelie bins for your recycling. For some of us this means dragging these large bins up and down our lengthy driveways. – Well, there is a better way than trying to do this manually. – Use your car.

Using one of these wheelie-bin tow hitches you can easily secure the lid of your bin closed, while dragging the bin slowly behind your car. For an average driveway this means less hard work. When you get to your drop off / pickup point, you simply stand your bin upright and put the hitch plate into your car boot until you need to collect the bin at the end of your day. – Then attach it again and drag it home.

Order your tow hitch today:

On sale from $24.95 (direct bank credit payments) or $26.95 using a credit card (+ delivery charges of $9.70).

These wheelie-bin tow hitch brackets can be bought through our online store and will be delivered nation-wide for a fixed cost of $9.70. Click here to order.

Order your tow hitch today:

On sale from $24.95 (direct bank credit payments) or $26.95 using a credit card (+ delivery charges of $9.70).



I used the tow hitch today for the first time to navigate the wheelie bin down our half km driveway and It all went ‘without a hitch’. Thanks

Alison Clifford

Used tow bar hitch plate today…..What a wonderful simple product.  
Robyn Rider

Thank you for your wheelie bin towbar hitch. It works brilliantly on our unsealed (slightly pot holed) long rural right of way. A great product and makes the job easy.
Thank you, Rhonda